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Happy Things #17

Finally, I ordered my slime!

Sobrang tagal ko nang gustong bumili ng slime kay @snoopslimes. Nanghihinayang lang ako. Kaya nung first sweldo ko, sabi ko bibili na talaga ko nung slime. Naka-order na ko at excited na kooo!

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Life Updates | New Work + Skincare + Missing My Blog

Ang dalang ko na magsulat dito. Nagsusulat pa rin ako araw-araw pero dun sa analog journal and app ko na lang sa phone. Pero naisip kong i-recap ang mga kaganapan kasi parang ang bilis ng mga nangyayari.

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Matinée de Neige + Dîner d’Anniversaire de Kenneth • Snowy Morning + Kenneth’s Birthday Dinner | I Try to Blog in French #13

Bonjour ! Il neige ce matin. Il fait froid mais j’aime regarder la neige tomber. C’est relaxant et it feels calm.

Good morning! It’s snowing this morning. It’s cold but I like watching the snow fall. It’s relaxing and it feels calm.

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Scaredy Cat | I Try to Blog in French #11

Cocou! It’s been a long time. I feel like mon français has little improvement. Je dois plus pratiquer outside mes cours de français. Mais, j’ai trouvé une amie who’s helping with mon français. Nous met sur Instagram. Nous nous envoyons des messages voice. J’aime écouter son accent et ses phrases. J’espère que nous serons de bonnes amies.

Hey! It’s been a long time. I feel like my French has little improvement. I need to practice more outside my French classes. But, I found a friend who’s helping with my French. We met each other on Instagram. We send each other voice messages. I like to listen to her accent and her sentences. I hope we will be good friends.

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Random Things Today | I Try to Blog in French #10

Un de mes autocollants préférés
One of my favorite stickers

Il fait froid aujourd’hui. C’est refreshing parce que c’etait chaud ces dernier jours. Je viens de finir de faire des autocollants pour ma boutique et maintenant, je vais regarder des series ou un film to chill.

It’s cold today. It’s refreshing because it was hot the last few days. I just finished making stickers for my shop and now, i’m going to watch some series or a movie to chill.

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Kung Hindi Ngayon, Kailan?

I’m getting my $800 back!

Short back story: Nagbayad ako ng $800 (around 34k sa peso) for French classes knowing na pag complete attendance ako, ire-refund daw nila yung binayad ko.

After 2 months, na-receive ko na (finally) yung confirmation na complete attendance nga ako. Kasi kelangan din daw muna nilang siguraduhin kung wala ba kong late, wala akong nakaaway na teacher or student, mga ganung bagay. Alam ko namang wala akong brineak na rules, nakampante lang ako dun sa e-mail na confirmed na talaga na qualified ako sa refund.

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In Low Spirits | I Try to Blog in French #9

Je ne sais pas pourquoi je suis triste ce matin. J’ai fait du yoga, j’ai exercé, j’ai mangé mon déj avec du yaourt mais je ne vais pas bien. Je pense c’est because of Kenneth.

I don’t know why I’m sad this morning. I did yoga, I exercised, I ate my breakfast with yogurt but I’m not doing okay. I think it’s because of Kenneth.

Walnut veut que je me lève | Walnut wants me to get up
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Morning Update | I Try to Blog in French #7

Je me suis réveillée très tôt. À 4h du matin ! Je ne peux pas dormir maintenant donc je me suis levée et j’ai lu. Puis, je vais faire du yoga. Mon corp le besoin.

I woke up very early. At 4am! I can’t sleep now so I got up and read. Then I’m going to do yoga. My body needs it.

J’ai fini un livre hier soir !
I finished a book last night!
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Lost | I Try to Blog in French #5

J’ai besoin écriver en français or else, je might oublier. Bonjour à tous! Il fait très chaud. Aujourd’hui est vendredi. Yayy (quelle est «yay» en français?) Mais je suis triste car hier was mon dernier cours avec Lingoda. As expected, je suis perdu aujourd’hui.

I need to write in French or else, I might forget. Hello everyone! It’s very hot. Today is Friday. Yayy (what is “yay” in French?) But I’m sad because yesterday was my last class with Lingoda. As expected, I’m lost today.

Lire pour distract myself
Reading to distract myself
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Kahapon | I Try to Blog in French #4

Coucou! Nous somme mardi et il est 8h30 du matin. Je me suis réveillé à 6h30 mais je me suis levé à 7h30. Je viens de lire un nouveau livre. Ça s’appelle ‘Everybody Writes’. Je veux to improve mon writing. Even si c’est seulement pour le blog.

Hi! It’s Tuesday and it’s 8:30 AM. I woke up at 6:30 AM but I got up at 7:30 AM. I just read a new book. It’s called ‘Everybody Writes’. I want to improve my writing. Even if it’s only for the blog.


Plan for the Day | I Try to Blog in French #3

Nous sommes lundi. Bonjour ! Les jours sont aller rapidement. C’est almost juillet already. Je réveille à 8h 40. Mon plan pour aujourd’hui est:

It is Monday. Good morning! The days are going quickly. It’s almost July already. I wake up at 8:40 a.m. My plan for today is:

  • Je fait du yoga et exercice
  • Je cuisine déjeuner: saumon du fromage à la crème avec des légumes
  • I do yoga and exercise
  • I cook lunch: salmon cheese with vegetables
Saumon à la Conti’s

French Classes: Day 32

Ambilis 1 month na agad. Masasabi ko na nakatulong naman yung Duolingo days ko ng very slight. Pero ibang-iba yung value at quality ng learning kapag may kaharap kang teacher, may classmates ka, at naka-focus talaga yung attention mo for one whole hour. Tapos everyday pa yung classes—including weekends—so maganda yung retention.


Morning Routine + Plan for the Day + Current Books & Podcast | I Try to Blog in French #2

Bonjour! C’est vendredi already! Il est 10 h cinq du matin. Je suis fatigué mais contente. Je fais du yoga avec mon chat Cashew et exercise. Je fin une livre aussi! C’est Little Women. Maintenant, je me douche. Il fais un peau chaud.

Good morning! It’s Friday already! It’s 10:05 a.m. I am tired but happy. I do yoga with my cat Cashew and exercise. I finish a book too! It’s Little Women. Now, I shower. It’s a little bit hot.

Coucou Cashew!
Hi Cashew!
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Learning French Update

Last month ko pa gustong magsulat ng dedicated post sa pag-take ko ng French classes. Super excited ko talaga nung first few days. Ngayon, nawala yung excitement. Ang pumalit na emotions ay challenged at determined. Kasi kahapon parang napahiya ako sa sarili ko after nung class namin. Hirap na hirap pa rin akong mag-construct ng sentences. Yung alam ko yung words, yung vocab, pero super challenging sakin na i-piece sila together.