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With my cutie classmate

I’m almost done with my French classes (4 more days to go!) and I learned that many people are interested. Some of them I know but there are also inquiries from people who just stumbled upon my reels on IG or my videos on TikTok so I made this FAQ:

What’s the platform?

It’s called Lingoda. I took the Lingoda Super Sprint.

I think this was Day 2

What’s a ‘Lingoda Super Sprint’?

For 60 days, you’ll take classes every single day. Yes, including weekends. You can choose any convenient time for you when taking your daily classes so it’s not really that challenging if you have schedule concerns.

What languages are available?

French, German, Spanish, and English

How much?

It’s free IF:

  • You show up to all 60 classes. That’s it.

You have to pay upfront first and once you attend all your classes, you will get 100% of your money back. So make sure to attend all of your classes. And don’t be late! I have 4 days left so I don’t want to jinx it but I’m feeling positive that I will finish it 😊

How much do I have to pay upfront?

In their website you’ll see it in euros, but it’s US$651 or ₱36,390.

I saved €50 on the upfront payment by using a referral code. Use mine if you want: PEK7Y3 or click this link.

I know it’s pricey but I will get my money back. I have to!😂

Cashew salingkit

How legit is this?

Of course I did my research. I found reviews on YT and some people on Reddit forums who got their refund. After I get my money back, I’m planning to join another Super Sprint.

What’s a typical class like?

Classes are 1 hour in duration. You’ll be learning with a small group. Five students max. But sometimes I find 5 students to be a lot when we only have an hour with the teacher. I think 3 students per class is the most ideal for me.

Also, teachers speak French about 90% of the time so you really will be immersed with the language. I found it intimidating at first but also cool. After maybe two weeks, I got used to it.

Your experience so far?

I love it. I enjoy it. I thought after a few weeks, I will get discouraged because it will only get challenging as I progress. But as it turns out, the more challenging it gets, I notice that I become more eager to learn.

I got to practice my French with an actual person!! I tried to buy crepes. See it here 😂

In terms of the actual class experience itself, there are two factors:

  1. The teachers

You’ll have a different teacher everyday. Sometimes you’ll meet them again for another class but that rarely happens. It’s a bit frustrating when you encounter a really great teacher and you know that you might not learn from them again.

Most of the teachers are competent. They can speak basic English which will be very helpful. But I encountered one or two teachers that I didn’t like (I think one of them is new). That’s okay though. I just look forward to my next class and hope to get the cool ones.

2. The students. Your classmates.

This is a hit or miss. It’s great if you get classmates who are in the same level as you. Since students can book their own classes, they can skip to a more advanced class that’s not suitable to their level. Those students can slow things down. I know I did 😅 But that happened once and I learned my lesson.

Cashew wants to learn French too

So make sure to book your classes accordingly. It would really help your progress and your classmates will appreciate it too. Don’t rush. You’re taking daily classes anyway so take it one step at a time.


  • Follow the curriculum. The curriculum is designed to be taken in order. If you can’t find a class in a specific day and time that you want, just hit refresh. Something will come up.
  • You will have access to the lesson material on their website so it’s good to study them at least 30 minutes before each class. It would be very helpful if you come to class prepared so you can follow through the lessons with ease.
  • I skipped all the vocab classes since I have extra time to learn them outside class hours. I focused with grammar and communication. If you don’t have the extra time, I still suggest you take them.
  • If you’re booking classes and you see a class that you want with no teacher/students yet, go ahead and book it. A teacher will be assigned after a few hours.

Reminders (so you can get your refund)

  • You can’t have two classes in one day. It’s strictly one class per day for 60 consecutive days.
  • If you want to change the time of your class or you want to switch dates, you can cancel and book again BUT you must cancel at least 7 days before the class starts.
  • If a teacher cancels a class, you can rebook that class BUT not on the same day or during the duration of the sprint. You will not get your refund if you do this. It’s strictly one class per day. Book that extra class when your sprint is over.
Here’s me struggling to read this middle grade book. I’m just not yet ready 😅

Just a reminder that I took the sprint last July 2022. Terms and conditions might have changed. It’s always best to get updated information on their website. And that’s it! I will definitely post once I get my refund. Hope this helps!

UPDATE | Sep 6, 2022:

While waiting for my refund, I enrolled in a free language program here in Canada. It will last for 6 months (with a month long winter break in December) but it’s only 2 classes per week. It’s not as intensive as the Lingoda Super Sprint but I think the slower pace will benefit me so I can absorb the lessons much better.

UPDATE | Sep 13, 2022 (2 months after):

Received the confirmation e-mail today, I’m getting my refund!!😍

UPDATE | Oct 7, 2022 (3 months after):

I got my refund!! Yayyy! I actually thought I’ll receive it on December but I saw the refund on my bank account now. So it took almost 3 months from my last day of classes to get the refund. Not bad. Because I thought it will take around 5 months as per their policy.

I’m sooo happy! Looking forward to join another Super Sprint maybe next year 😊

UPDATE | Nov 12, 2022:

I tried checking the price just now out of curiosity and it got expensive!🥲 It’s now US$870 (from US$650) or ₱50k (from ₱37k). That’s a 25% increase! Well I guess as long as you’re committed to get the 100% refund and you can afford the upfront costs, it’s still a really great deal.

UPDATE | Mar 9, 2023:

Last day of classes with teacher Angela 😭

UPDATE | Mar 20, 2023 (8 months after):

Joined my second Super Sprint!😮 I also got a full-time job now so it’s going to be a lot of work. The rules are pretty much the same. Wish me luck!

UPDATE | May 18, 2023

Last day of the sprint! I was able to attend all classes (except for a class that got cancelled by the teacher), I was always on time, and I actively participated. I’m positive I’ll get my refund again 😊

For now, I’ll be taking a break from classes and just do it solo for a few months. I might join another sprint next year.

UPDATE | May 26, 2023

Got the confirmation e-mail faster than usual. I’ll get my refund!!


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Fantastic! Thanks for this post. I was wondering how Lingoda works. I’ve been learning French for the last couple of years but doing a blend of classes with a school (online) and now my own learning (plus weekly conversations with French friends and coffee meetups). All the best with your language journey!


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