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Life Updates | New Work + Skincare + Missing My Blog

Ang dalang ko na magsulat dito. Nagsusulat pa rin ako araw-araw pero dun sa analog journal and app ko na lang sa phone. Pero naisip kong i-recap ang mga kaganapan kasi parang ang bilis ng mga nangyayari.

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Valentine’s Date | I Try to Blog in French #16

Pour fêter la Saint-Valentin, nous sommes allés au resto Chop. Chop est cher mais nous avions un coupon pour un repas gratuit et on veut l’utiliser.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we went to Chop restaurant. Chop is expensive but we had a coupon for a free meal and we want to use it.

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Déjeuner au Café Clémentine • Lunch at Clementine Café | I Try to Blog In French #15

Dernier dimanche, nous sommes allés au café Clementine avec nos amis. Il faisait très froid. Nous sommes arrivé à 13h30 et il y a avait 1 heure de waiting time. Donc, nous sommes retournés à notre voiture pour attendre.

Last Sunday, we went to Clementine Cafe with our friends. It was so cold. We arrived at 1:30PM and there’s a 1 hour waiting time. So we went back to our car to wait.

Books TV


Still trying to finish my book report for ‘Recapture the Rapture’ at medyo drained na ko so titigil na muna ako. Sobrang nagustuhan ko kasi yung libro kaya gusto kong i-extract yung mga napulot ko at i-summarize ko sya in a way na madali ko syang maa-absorb. Pag magbabase lang kasi ako dun sa mga hinighlight ko, minsan kailangan ko pang basahin ng ilang beses bago ko ma-gets ulit. At least sa book report ko, sarili kong words so madali kong maiintindihan.

Gusto ko lang i-share yung isang part na sinulat ko kasi medyo connected rin sya dun sa last post ko.

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I’m Not a Computer

I realized that I may have gone overboard with my journaling. Suddenly, I wanted to capture all my thoughts, every single one of them—but I have too many thoughts which makes documenting everything unrealistic. After that uneasy realization, I try to remember what makes journaling therapeutic for me. Journaling empties my mind and relaxes me, leaving me refreshed and unburdened. I think what’s important for me to remember is that journaling is a tool and not a chore. I have to be at peace with the fact that it’s impossible to capture and document everything, that it’s okay to forget things here and there. Except this one. This is quite important. I should also learn to trust my self that when it comes to truly and absolutely important things, I won’t forget.

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Etsy Ads Suck

A couple of months ago, I started paying for Etsy ads. What it does is when a potential customer search for something that’s similar to what I offer, my listing will get prioritization and will be placed on the top search. I alloted $1 per day for these Etsy ads hoping to drive more sales ($1 a day is a lot for my small sticker shop). During these months of running ads, I barely make anything. Every sale I make goes to these ad payments and it’s not even driving more sales. There were times when I even owe them money because my sales weren’t compensating for the ad payments. So a few weeks ago, I stopped paying for the ads. Seeing my money disappear like that, having a negative balance on my payment dashboard, it was starting to get depressing.


The 13 Books I Read in 2022, Reviewed in 3 Phrases

I read a lot of non-fiction in 2022 and it’s currently my favorite genre—specifically non-fiction books about psychology and mindfulness.


54% of the books I read are rated 5 stars. Nice!

Upstream: Selected Essays : Oliver, Mary: Books

1. Upstream: Selected Essays by Mary Oliver

Calming. Invigorating. Enlightening. [Full review]

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Random Things I’ll Do Today | I Try to Blog in French #14

J’ai oublié d’écrire ici en français. Bonjour! C’est mardi et il est 6h30 du matin. Je me suis levé vers 5h du matin. Je regarde par la fenêtre et la neige melting déjà. Je miss les arbres blancs. Mais ça va parce que dans quelques minutes, je vais voir le soleil se lever.

I forgot to write here in French. Good morning! It’s Tuesday and it’s 6:30 in the morning. I got up around 5AM. I’m looking at the window and the snow is already melting. I miss the white trees. But it’s okay because in a few minutes, I’m going to see the sun rise.

Je ne sais pa si fighting ou playing
I don’t know if they’re fighting or playing

World Peace + Menstrual Cycle + The Sun is Dying | Currently Reading

Eto ang lineup ng mga binabasa ko ngayon:

1. Recapture the Rapture by Jamie Wheal

Recapture the Rapture: Rethinking God, Sex, and Death in a World That's  Lost Its Mind eBook : Wheal, Jamie: Books

After 78 pages (about 25%), mas gets ko na kung tungkol san ‘tong binabasa ko. Haha. Pero nag enjoy naman ako pagbabasa kahit vague pa sa isip ko nung una.

Books Hanash

Fake Twitter #23

Love the matchy-matchy tabs.

Books Non-Fiction

Upstream by Mary Oliver | Book Review

I forgot who or what influenced me to read this book but I’m so happy, and also lucky, that I picked it up. I have no expectations. I have no prior knowledge of Mary Oliver. But when I started reading the first few pages, I was captivated. Her writing is so delicate and beautiful. There were lots of moments where I needed to pause just to savor the words. Where I find myself smiling and taking a deep sigh. This book calms me and invigorates me at the same time.

Books Happy Things

Happy Things #14

Si Lola

Dun sa binibilhan namin ng ulam, meron dung bolerang lola.

“Binagoongan po.”

(habang nilalagay sa plastic container yung ulam) “O, dinamihan ko na ito ha.”

Tapos medyo pushy sya sa mga paninda nila pero okay lang. Natutuwa lang ako sa kanya. Second time namin bumili sa kanila tapos sinabihan ako ni lola na muka daw akong artista. Kahit siguradong lahat ay sinasabihan nya non, sino ba namang hindi matutuwa haha. Makabalik nga dun bukas.

Books Calm

Fake Twitter #21

After reading a chapter, I placed Mary Oliver’s Upstream close to my chest. And this is the first time I’ve ever hugged a book.


My Rules on Buying Books

I received a $50 gift card from Amazon and I got these three books:

This one is still on the way

It was Black Friday so the hardcovers are cheaper and almost the same price as the paperback. I don’t particularly prefer hardbounds to paperbacks because I find hard copies bulky and heavy. But I was in a I-want-to-try-something-new mood that day so I went for the out of the usual choice.

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Matinée de Neige + Dîner d’Anniversaire de Kenneth • Snowy Morning + Kenneth’s Birthday Dinner | I Try to Blog in French #13

Bonjour ! Il neige ce matin. Il fait froid mais j’aime regarder la neige tomber. C’est relaxant et it feels calm.

Good morning! It’s snowing this morning. It’s cold but I like watching the snow fall. It’s relaxing and it feels calm.