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I’m Not a Computer

I realized that I may have gone overboard with my journaling. Suddenly, I wanted to capture all my thoughts, every single one of them—but I have too many thoughts which makes documenting everything unrealistic. After that uneasy realization, I try to remember what makes journaling therapeutic for me. Journaling empties my mind and relaxes me, leaving me refreshed and unburdened. I think what’s important for me to remember is that journaling is a tool and not a chore. I have to be at peace with the fact that it’s impossible to capture and document everything, that it’s okay to forget things here and there. Except this one. This is quite important. I should also learn to trust my self that when it comes to truly and absolutely important things, I won’t forget.

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Happy Things #10


I got compliments on my dress nung umabay ako sa kasal ng pinsan ko. Thank yow! I get my confidence boost from other people kasi ang tipid ni Kenneth sa compliments. Feeling ko na-awkward sya. Ewan ko ba dun. Minsan nga ako na lang nagco-compliment sa sarili ko (why not 😂).

My cousin. Pagkakita nya agad sakin, “Wow you look good ate.” Instant boost!
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Happy Things #8

Grand Beach

Holiday nung Monday so pumunta kaming beach with the Centinos. Ang saya lang nung change of scenery. Gusto kong bumalik tapos tatambay lang kami ni Kenneth. Sya tutulog, tapos ako magbabasa or drawing.