2022 Highlights

  1. Got an Apple Watch nung start of the year.

So almost isang taon na pala ‘to sakin. Everyday ko naman syang ginagamit pero hindi ko alam kung nakadagdag ba sya ng value sa buhay ko. Nung una oo kasi excited pa, dami kong apps na dinownload. Pero nung tumagal, ginagamit ko na lang sya pang-check ng oras at weather. Siguro yung pinaka-best feature nya for me ay yung remote camera.

  1. Baked holiday-themed brownies with the Centinos.
  1. First time to get a massage after 4 or 5 years. Sarap!
  2. Got my booster shot.
  3. Spoiled.

One time sinabihan ako ni Kenneth na spoiled daw syang asawa. Ha? Feeling ko nga ako yung spoiled. Pero kung yun ang nafi-feel nya, eh di good. It’s a tie 😂

  1. Made this Yumi’s Cells illustration and it’s one of my favorites this year.
  1. My chatty physiotherapist and how she helped me with my cubital tunnel syndrome. I might need to go again next year ☹️
  2. My thriving plant.
  1. Designed another wedding invitation suite.
  1. Got featured by Procreate.
  2. Made some slime and oobleck with Kenneth.
  3. Discovered gourmet isaw.
Thanks Piya and Luke for recommending!
  1. My own domain name after 15+ years of blogging. My kind reader(s).
  2. Tobogganing at FortWhyte.
  1. And saw a bird house tower. It’s like a condominium but for birds.
  1. My 28-day vacation in the Philippines!!

Nakasama ko uli ang pamilya ko at yung mga pinsan ko from UK kasi umuwi rin sila. The best!

  1. Pero iniwan muna ako ng eroplano at kinailangan i-antigen test ulit sa Korea. Pero naging okay din naman lahat.
  2. Nakatikim uli ako ng Tender Juicy hotdog.

From multiple times a month, naging once every 2 years na lang yung pagkain ko ng Tender Juicy. Sad.

  1. Hugged Almond again! And I finally got to meet Whiskey!
  1. Cousin activites:

– played Avalon for five consecutive days
– drinking session (soju + sprite)
– played ‘Never Have I Ever’ and ‘Spin the Bottle’
– being emo
– making TikTok videos (and gaining 2M views on one of our TikTok videos)
– mini concerts during car rides and rocking out to Lindsay Lohan’s Ultimate when we watched Freaky Friday
– slumber parties and movie marathons

  1. When they made me a video montage of my PH vacation and a super effort music video. Thank you and special thanks to Tricia, Isabelle and Illysa for making the videos 🤍
  2. Went out with my siblings—all four of us for the first time!
  1. Sobrang daming food trips pero ang isa sa pinaka-masarap kong kain nung uwi ko ay nung nag-boodle fight.
  1. Went to Bohol with the Boholers.
  1. Tried the ice cream on cassava cone. Sarap!
  1. Went back to Japan kahit sa airport lang. I still got to buy my favorite Japanese snacks.
  2. After my vacation, nagpa-routine ultrasound ako for my endometrial cysts, lumiit daw 😭😭🤍
  3. Danced a lot this year (with or without an audience).
  4. Milk teas at The Alley.
  1. Took French classes for free (with Lingoda and Université de Saint-Boniface) and got to see my classmates from USB.

Bonus: I was able to practice my French when I ordered some crepes at a crêperie 😍

  1. First time smelling lilacs. Bango!
  1. My chilly morning solo walks.
  2. Mega Drop ride at Red River Ex.
  3. Started analog journaling again plus hangouts with journaling buddies.
  1. Driving lessons with Kenneth.
  2. Applied for Canadian citizenship and passed the citizenship test. Currently waiting for our oath taking schedule.
  3. Illustration commissions from Dany and KC. Thank you!
  4. Baked a cake for the first time for our 6th year wedding anniversary.
  1. Then we went to Kenora for our anniversary trip and we saw a deer swimming across the lake! It’s also our first time to go on a cruise.
  1. Picked up my brushes and used my watercolors again.
  1. Learned a tool called ‘space-time bridging’ to help me meditate (from Huberman Lab podcast).
  2. Road trips and food trips with the Centinos and the Arigos.
  1. Narinig ko yung boses ko sa isa sa mga favorite podcasts ko.
  2. Attended my cousin’s wedding and got to wear this pretty dress.
  1. Went to a concert for the first time and they played my favorite song!!
  1. Learning about the reality of time and how to be more optimistic.
  2. First time trying schmoo cake at Piya’s birthday celeb. So good!
  3. Received sticker orders from Germany and France!
  4. Subscribed to TFC and got to rewatch my favorite Jolina movies.
  5. Beautiful sunrise and sunsets from our window.
  1. Long video calls with family and friends.
  2. These two authors: Michael Pollan and Mary Oliver. I devoured their books and gained so much admiration for them.
  3. Secret potato and my potato playlist. Kenneth being an excellent sitter.
  4. First time to go to a Halloween attraction here in Winnipeg. We really enjoyed it and it’s something new and refreshing for us.
  1. We won the 50-50 raffle at Theo’s first birthday. Easy $40 😂
  2. Discovered the book section of Value Village.
  3. This beautiful game I’m playing called GRIS.
  1. Weekly massages on my birth month.
  2. Comfy house slippers from MUJI.
  3. Illustration workshop from one of my favorite artists, Mike McCain.
  4. Acquired a lot of physical books this year (mostly gifts and some are from a second-hand bookshop)
  1. Cashew getting more and more active when playing with the cat toy and Walnut being clingy.
  2. Birthday dinners

Nung kumain kami sa labas kasi birthday ng tito ko and may moment na tawang tawa kami.

  1. Got a bluetooth speaker for my birthday. Thanks Poops! Plus all my other gifts from family and friends, thank you!🤍
  2. Replaced my 5-year old Kindle!
  1. After almost 2 years, we restarted our podcast.

We recorded an episode last week and published it the same day. I’m doing this with my long-time friend Nick. If you happen to listen to that podcast, that is me as a friend with no pleasantries whatsoever. It’s me talking to a level 5 friend.

  1. Christmas! I had a happy Christmas.
  1. I’ve yet to finish this but I’m so happy I stumbled upon this film before the year ends. It discusses the different tools for mental health and self-care which I’m planning to implement for the next year.

And that’s it! May sakit pa rin ako pero buti na lang sinimulan ko ‘tong list na ‘to bago pa ko magkasakit kaya konti na lang ang mga dinagdag ko. At ngayon pa lang, nasimulan ko na yung ‘2023 Highlights’ ko kahit nakaka-tatlong araw pa lang ang bagong taon 😂


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