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We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson | Book Review


  • You’re in the mood to read something strange and different
  • You want to read about disturbing and misanthropic characters, but still very likeable
  • You want something haunting and charming at the same time


It’s a story about two sisters, Merricat and Constance, living in a “castle” without adult supervision because everyone in their family is dead (hindi counted si Uncle Julian kasi may sakit sya and si Constance yung nagaalaga sa kanya). They are super anti-social and hate sila ng mga townspeople for being unusual and rich.

A strange book indeed. I love how Merricat is enveloped within her own macabre world. The author paints a creepy atmosphere and I find myself following Merricat in her wanderings and to her hiding place. I felt special knowing all about her buried treasures, magic spells and her sinister thoughts.


I feel part of the townspeople’s hatred comes from how the Blackwoods are very different from them. How two young females are surviving on their own without any help. The people can’t take it. There may have been feelings of envy as well because the Blackwoods are not afraid to be secluded and unconventional.

Sobrang curious lang talaga ko kung ano yung motive behind the murders. Pero hindi na rin ako nag-expect kasi clearly, it’s not that type of novel na iri-reveal lahat sa huli. Also, I super love how this one reviewer saw the book as an exploration on how a home becomes a haunted house.

After reading about the author, I am super fascinated by her. And sobrang honored ako that we share the same zodiac sign. Lolz. Pero sobrang na-bother at na-sad ako sa mga nabasa ko about sa kanya. It seems she found a way to incorporate her struggles sa stories nya in a very interesting and bizarre way.

RATING [5 🌟]

This is my first Shirley Jackson novel. Medyo wary akong basahin yung ibang novels nya. Kasi kahit sabihin na horror ‘tong book na ‘to, I find it very charming. It’s so rare to adore a character who murdered her own family and wishes death upon everyone.


Merricat, said Connie, would you like a cup of tea?
Oh no, said Merricat, you’ll poison me.
Merricat, said Connie, would you like to go to sleep?
Down in the boneyard ten feet deep!

“The least Charles could have done,” Constance said, considering seriously, “was shoot himself through the head in the driveway.”

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