Calm Life

Internal Monologue #1 | Why?

Q: What is my why?

A: To live comfortably but simple, while having enough time and resources to travel and do my hobbies (reading, playing the piano, learning languages).

Q: But this is what I’m already doing now (except for the traveling).

A: So my goal is to maintain this lifestyle? Maybe I should add another layer to my purpose.

Q: Okay. I want to sustain and nourish my relationships with people I care about and help the world become a better place. What do I have to do now?

A: So put more effort in connecting with people and hustle more to earn extra income to help the world.


  • Not recognizing that I’m already living 70-80% of the life that I desire because I’m not used to this kind of feeling — the feeling of satisfaction. I didn’t expect that this would come early in my life.
  • Aways attaching monetary value to my hobbies which makes me feel pressured. It strips the enjoyment that comes from that hobby. Sometimes, a hobby is just a hobby.
  • Taking for granted the amount of time that I have. Or maybe I’m already making use of my time in the best way possible and I just fail to recognize it because my work is unconventional. This is a reminder to go easy on yourself because of your health condition.


  • It’s alright to do a variety things. It sparks creativity. Just give more focus to the one thing that is the most purposeful.
  • You don’t have to have a label.

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