Art Career

How You Like That?

I’m not the biggest fan but I watched the BLACKPINK docu because it seemed really interesting. The question that came to mind after watching it was, “What is your goal and how badly do you want it?” It made me realize that I am doing very little to reach my goal and made me question myself. How badly do I want it? The docu is good btw.

So how badly do I want to be a great artist? Not as much? Is that why I’m not doing the best I can? Is it because I don’t really want it that bad? Is that fine? Am I lacking passion? Is it okay to not be so passionate about something? Is it because we can get by even if I’m unemployed? So is that the reason why I don’t put much effort because nothing is at stake? That is possible.

I enjoy doing art, sure. But when I feel pressured because I’m not as good as the artists that I look up to, it’s not so fun anymore. Maybe I’m just not the type of person who works well under pressure. But sometimes, without that pressure, I tend to relax too much. Which isn’t good also. So the answer is? BALANCE.

Gusto ko talaga yung mga ganitong moments na tanong ko sagot ko. Galing ko talaga mag-advice. Sana naman i-follow ko.


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