Screen Time

When I was a nursing student, we are required to read these thick, heavy medical books. We have to read a considerable amount of pages just for this one quiz. But, I actually find joy in summarizing them and taking note of the most important concepts. I also feel like retention is high when I take down notes.

This is what I felt when I started reading Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. Only 1% into the book and already, I was like, “Yes, yes, YES!” And with that, I thought of taking some thorough notes which I can go back to whenever I need a reminder.

I am aware that I have a problem with the amount of time I spend on my phone. When I checked my screen time, my daily average usage is 7+ hours! I felt very disappointed with myself and a bit angry. It just means I’m losing control of my time.


So when I picked up this book and read a couple of pages, I felt extremely relieved. There is hope! I feel like this book is going to save me from my compulsive internet use. I am usually pessimistic about self help books because I tend to just follow the advice in the beginning then go back to my old bad habits after a few weeks or days. But this time it’s different. I’d like to think that it’s different this time. I am diving into this with an optimistic mindset. I don’t want to be enslaved by this technology forever.

I’m so excited to reread the introduction part of the book and take note of everything that speaks to me. I’ll do it in a separate post and link it here:


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