Family Life Pals

January 4

Dumating na yung pinakahihintay kong January 2. Pero nung December 31 pa lang, I feel so much better already. Nung tinitingnan ko yung mga New Year photos especially ng mga kapamilya ko, ang saya ko for them. Kita kong nageenjoy sila. May konting sadness kase syempre mas ok na nandun ako; pero walang bitterness. Unlike nung Pasko. Pero nung New Year ang light sa feeling tapos natutuwa akong tingnan yung mga pics ng mga tao. I’m so happy na na-reach ko na din yung state of mind ko na to. Sana wala nang balikan.

Siguro ang isa pa, pag talagang may mga bagay na nillook forward ka, it gives you a purpose. Hindi naman yung tipong very deep na purpose in life. A purpose to go on. Move on. It refrains myself from thinking unnecessary and unhealthy thoughts. So eto yung mga bagay na nillook forward ko as of the moment:

  • Book club discussion tomorrow. This will be our 4th book discussion and even though hindi consistent yung mga participants, I’m glad that this is still going on. I think I’ll just have to brainstorm to make it more interesting for them I guess? Because I notice in every book discussion, it involves a different set of people. Wala yung consistent na joiner talaga. But at the same time, I think it’s not my job to actually keep them engaged. Kung talagang trip nila tong trip ko, hindi ko na sila kelangan pilitin or laging i-remind. They will just join kase gusto nila. So I’ll just leave it at that. I’m still glad that the book club inspired a lot of people to read again and rekindle their relationship with books.
  • New podcast episode. It’s a New Year episode obviously. Medyo seryoso yung pinagusapan namin kahapon so looking forward akong i-edit yung recording. Hindi kami vocal ni Nick in terms of how valuable our friendship is, but I really want to thank him for still being virtually present in my life kahit malayo na ako. I think it’s more tricky to maintain connection if it’s a guy friend kasi hindi naman sila madaldal and ma-chat. This podcast acted as a bridge between us two and actually brought us closer. So good luck Nick! I hope your wish will come true on March.
  • Philippines. I will visit our home country a month from now. Super excited and nawala na yung stress ko about the pasalubong nonsense. I’m putting too much pressure on myself. And I want to thank Aryan for lending her ears (pero eyes talaga kase sa chat). Nawala yung weight ng worries ko after talking to her. I have resigned to the fact that I can’t do anything about what my folks will say if I can’t give them mega pasalubong and all that shit. I will just be comfortable in the fact that this is the reality. The reality being: we’re broke. Broke in the sense that we can’t afford to buy expensive pasalubong for everyone the same way as my uncles used to give us pasalubong when they visit PH before until now. So I’ll just let it be.
  • I’m looking forward for my friends’ milestones in life as well. Aryen’s exam result (I’m sure she’ll pass), Gel’s wedding this year, Aryan and Hudas’ reunion, Bogs’ health and future baby, Dany having a new baby soon, Benson’s mansion and Dale’s plan to go to Canada.
  • More years with Kenneth. In the past few months, I notice a change in our dynamic. We are getting along better than ever. I believe it started after my surgery. Sobrang amazing nung recovery period ko kasi never kaming nag-away. Walang inisan, hindi ako naiirita sa kanya, hindi sya badtrip. Basta parang magic. Kelangan ko pa palang ma-operahan para ma-reach namin yung ganun. So when that happened, I noticed it right away. I didn’t want to say anything to him for fear of jinxing it. And I said to myself that we have to maintain this momentum. On my part, I know what I have to do. I have to have more patience and I have to control my temper. So that I did. There are times where I can’t help it but at least I’m watching myself now.
  • I have to prepare my sticker orders now but I’m also looking forward to my career. It’s still murky and uncertain but I’m excited. As I’ve said on our podcast, my theme for this year and the years to come is discipline. Several times, I find myself mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, watching Youtube videos non-stop, and I just really have to stop. So discipline. And self-control. Less overthinking. More value.

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