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Almost 3 Months in Winnipeg

It always crosses my mind to make a blog post whenever I’m doing something I don’t really do in the Philippines. Or when I see something new or unusual. I will always think, “I will write this on my blog.” But here I am, finally giving some time to blog and I can’t recall all of those things that I wanted to write. But I will try.


I got a job placement as a Health Care Aide in Deer Lodge Centre two weeks ago. It’s a rehab facility for the elderly (we call them residents). We wash them, feed them, and just take care of them in general. I will really miss some of the residents (especially Henny, Isabella and Garth) ‘cos I already quit yesterday. 😅

Even though I’m not fond of the job (it was my first time to wipe someone else’s ass), I was really planning on finishing my 2-month contract. Because how lucky am I to get a job that I didn’t even apply to, no interviews whatsoever, and considering that I’ve been here for just a month? Really lucky. They just told us to be there at this date, wear scrubs, and start working already (thanks to Manitoba Start – a government funded organization). And then if Deer Lodge likes me, I will be directly employed with them and get an $18 hourly pay (that’s quite plenty because the minimum hourly wage here is $11).

So the reason why I quit this job is because my eczema (which has been going on for 10 years now) is worsening. Some may think that it’s a lousy reason to quit but I’ll tell them to have an eczema first and tell me about it. I’m okay with the dryness and itchy feeling because I have my super effective ointment to relieve the itchiness. But when it starts to cause open wounds (due to frequent hand washing and sanitizing), I really needed to think about it. Exposing the wounds to even just water really hurt. What more if it’s exposed to soap or alcohol. Harsh chemicals are a no-no for eczema. That’s why I always use gloves even when I take a bath because exposure to shampoo and conditioner causes the flare-ups too. I tried using organic products but to no avail.

And so I quit. I was not happy about it because I really wanted to earn money right away (and I’m planning to get the iPhone XS 😂). But why should I stay in a job that: 1. I don’t like and 2. worsens my already worse eczema? I say, don’t. Manitoba Start was okay with it and said they’ll try to find another placement for me. They were all really nice. It turns out I didn’t even need reason #2 to finally decide that I won’t finish the contract. I learned that it wouldn’t be a problem if I just say that I feel like I’m not a fit for the job and that I changed my interests.

And then I also had the okay from my uncle and aunt (whom we’re living with) and said that I should just find an office job. They were all really kind and supportive. I can’t really express how thankful we are to them. I love them so much!

Impromptu photo shoot. Ang lamig!

RBC (Royal Bank of Canada)

This is our bank here. Here in Winnipeg (or maybe across Canada), there is no maintaining balance. We opened a bank account with zero dollars on hand (because we didn’t have our money at that time). The manager was also a Filipino so it was a pleasant experience.

The most exciting part was their ongoing promo. They are giving away free iPads (the latest one) to newly opened accounts. What’s so great about this is, for months I was really planning on getting an iPad Pro for my graphic business. iPad Pro because it’s compatible with the Apple Pencil. But what’s even more great is that the latest iPad (the one RBC is giving away) is already compatible with the Apple Pencil. So yay! I don’t need to get an iPad Pro anymore! Yehey yehey!

Zero $$$

The iPad will arrive next week! I’m so excited.

I think this is it for now. This post is getting too long already. I think I’ll blog more frequent now since I don’t have a job anymore anyways.

PS: It was already snowing yesterday!!! Sobrang bano ako 😂

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9-5 Job VS Graphic Artist

Ang ayoko sa office work ko, alam ko na kung anong gagawin ko from start to finish. It’s a matter of gano ko lang sya katagal matatapos. Parang nagsisimula pa lang ako, gusto ko na mag-fast forward sa finish line. Atat na atat na kong matapos para petix na ko. Pero ang gusto ko sa graphic artist side job ko, once mag-start ako, hindi ko alam pano sya tatapusin. Wala akong idea kung anong magiging final result. Parang masusurprise na lang ako sa huli kung ok ba or kulang pa. Ang bawat minuto ay discovery and experimentation. At pag tumigil ako, pwedeng tapos na or bukas ko na lang ulit ipagpapatuloy. At kahit nakakapuyat, masaya ako. Basta bayad. 😅


Mariyang Glinez

At last! I finally had the time (and will) to do it. I’ve been meaning to create a header for my blog since I started learning calligraphy. I like how it turned out. ❤️


The photo that I used in the background is the one that I took when we were in Arashiyama Bamboo Forest in Kyoto Japan.

And now I’m off to painting. I’m feeling so productive today.