Social Fatigue

Just finished reading this article and I’m happily reminded that I will switch to a prepaid plan some time next week. The article is about highschool kids who formed a no-phones-for-an-hour club called Luddite Club. A few of them gave up their smartphones and switched to flip phones. The rest kept their smartphones but are happy to spend an hour without technology. There are no group activities, they just do whatever they felt like doing. Some read books, some paint, others just sit still and listen to the wind—what a cool club.

I am not planning to give up my smartphone. How can I get in touch with my family in the Philippines? But I’m looking forward to be outside knowing that I can’t use data. There may be free public Wi-Fi sometimes but I would second guess connecting to those (security risks).

After my birthday, I felt exchausted. I’m thinking for my next birthday, I just want to go book shopping, maybe eat at the mall, then read peacefully through the night. No more announcing my birthday on social media to limit the interactions. I just thought I was doing myself a favor when I did what I did because I don’t want my birthday to feel lonely just like the previous years. But after yesterday, I’m drained. Maybe I’ll try to keep it low-key next year.

PS: Meron nga pala ko ngayon so baka nakaapekto rin sa mood ko. Siguro minsan it’s all about the hormones talaga at minsan kelangan i-ayon ang mga activities kung nasang phase na ko sa cycle ko. Baka kelangan ko nang basahin yung bagong book na hiniram ko sa Libby.


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