First Man by Camila Cabello

We’ve been enjoying watching the new season of The Voice where Camila Cabello was a judge. She mentioned once or twice the time when she performed a song to her dad during the Grammy’s. I remembered it now and looked it up then decided to watch it. Four minutes later, I was BAWLING.

First, it’s because of how sweet and tender the moment was. Camila is holding back her tears while singing and her dad just can’t stop crying. A video montage of a young Camila and his dad was playing in the background which adds to the already heartfelt moment. And the lyrics, it’s very heartwarming. As the song ends, Camila approaches her father and held his hand. Her dad cried even more. Ughhh there was so much love and it was very endearing.

And also, of course I thought of my own father and got super emotional. As in humagulhol ako ng slight. And I’m a bit confused why I had that reaction because me and my father aren’t that close, plus he’s not the affectionate type. So I’m thinking, maybe because there is that longing and hope for us to be closer and be more loose with each other. I think because of his personality, it’s a bit hard to connect. There’s this awkwardness whenever we try to be more vulnerable. Aghhh. I hope we get over it as soon as we can. I don’t want to have any regrets in the future.


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Pinanood ko yung video. Langya, naiyak din ako? One of my few regrets ko ay siguro ay yung hindi kami naturuan ng mga magulang namin na maging expressive sa mga nararamdaman namin, especially sa isa’t isa. Nakakainggit yung ibang kayang mag-“I love you” sa mga magulang nila without hesitations. I also that hope one day, at some point of our lives, we can all hug our parents without the awkwardness at doubts at masabi natin lahat ng gusto nating iparating…

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