10% Informational, 90% Rant

I am so tired of people looking down on designers or illustrators (people in the creative field in general). I don’t do what I do as a hobby (anymore). If you’re neither a close relative nor one of my closest friends, I am done with favors or discounts. It’s either I do it for free (for the people previously mentioned given I have the time—but if you want to pay me I won’t stop you either 😂) or full price (everyone else).

It took several (paid) workshops, art courses, and hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours of practice and exploration to get to a level that I am quite proud of. Not to mention the drawing tablet and cutting machine and the art tools that have been acquired over the years. They aren’t free.

Just to give an idea of how I value my work (and how others should too), this little illustration below is called a spot illustration. They are used in magazines, online articles, and websites. If an art director approaches me and wants me to do something like this, I am not hesitant to charge $125-150 (Php 6,250-7500) per illustration. If they are turned off by that, I am glad to see them go. Mind you, the pricing I mentioned is in the lower range. The more experienced ones may charge $500-700 (up to Php 35,000).

Final message: Declining clients is a privilege that I acknowledge. But for the creatives out there, I still hope you reassess your rates. Future clients, now you are informed.


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