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My Lucky Streak

I just noticed (my aunt and uncle noticed it too), during these past few months in Canada, that I had been quite lucky. Here’s a couple of lucky things that happened:

  • We went to the casino and I won $100 playing Blackjack. I had gambling issues and used to go to casinos all by myself. But that was before and I stopped gambling ultimately when I had my losing streak. So when we went to this casino, I was playing just for fun. I wasn’t even playing my own money. My uncle gave us $20 each. When I won $10, I was planning on stopping. But I decided to just continue and didn’t care if I lose. But then I didn’t. πŸ˜‰
FullSizeRender 2
Kept this as a souvenir
  • We were shopping in this store and I bought some stuff and this nice (pricey) wrap-around jacket that’s perfect for fall. Only I didn’t buy it. When I checked the receipt, the salesperson didn’t scan the tag on the jacket so I got it for free. I know that wasn’t the right thing to do; but I am jobless and a person who sometimes gets tempted so…
  • After just a month here, I already got a job. It was only a 2-month placement so it isn’t really something that’s permanent but still, that was pretty lucky. Unfortunately, I was having some health issues and I’m sorry, no disrespect, but I just loathe the job. I will certainly miss the residents and most of them are sweet but that’s just isn’t enough for me to stay.
  • So after working there for 2 weeks, I quit and hope that I will immediately find another job. And luckily, after a couple of weeks, I received several interview invitations. Then I got interviewed for this certain position (which is kind of similar to my previous job back home) and got an offer a few days after the interview. I was sooo happy and was jumping for joy nonstop. But that’s not it! It was a double entendre because not only I got hired, they hired me for a higher position! Which means higher salary! I can’t help but smile thinking about it.
  • Over to Dust Designs news (my graphic art business), I just got a client who needed some tags and things for her wedding. So I am currently working on it and like how things are going.
Their two options
  • I almost forgot the iPad. It wasn’t totally free because the bank let me chose if I’d want to have free monthly banking fees for a year or I’ll pay the monthly fees but I’ll get an iPad. I chose the latter because I’m planning to get an iPad anyway so it’s like I’m paying it in installments. Apparently, “24-month installment for zero interest!” is not a thing here. So that worked out. Also, the bank manager offered us free monthly fees for the first 2 months. So it’s like I got a discounted, 10 months to pay iPad. Yes!

  • Also, I get to experience snow. I consider that lucky because not everyone has the chance to experience snow. 😊

And that was it! I should be happy but… No wait, I am happy. But I am also worried. I’m worried that something unlucky will happen because of all these lucky-ness. I will be watching out.


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