Career Life

Jobless: Day 1

Yesterday was my last day of work. So what I did was:

  • Went to the office to return company assets and my ID
  • Tagged along with my previous teammates to watch Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
  • Got my hair chopped (thinking of dyeing it as well)
  • Got my pits sugared
  • Hugged my office mates goodbye
  • Had dinner with Kenneth at Rice & Dough

Then we went home. It was raining hard. When we got home, I felt weird that I didn’t need to login to my laptop to work. I felt weird that I don’t see my office laptop anymore in our room. It was really an uneasy feeling — up until now. It’s uncomfortable but exciting at the same time — because I could do anything now! There’s just a lot of possibilities.

For today, I’m thinking of cooking Kenneth’s dinner later. I’ve also been meaning to start working again on the wedding invitation project. I hope I’ll be productive today because recently, I have the tendency to just lie around and watch YouTube videos all day long. Or I’ll just lie in bed thinking of the things that I should do but actually doing nothing. Until it gets dark and it’s time to go to sleep. Another day wasted.

I just remembered that I had to pack some orders from my online shop. Brb.



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