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I’m reading quite a lot now ever since I got my new Kindle. It’s my Christmas gift to myself. I’m so in love with it. It’s easy on the eyes and the battery lasts for weeks. I’m (still) currently reading A Storm of Swords. The Red Wedding just happened. Catelyn’s death was quite different from the series. In the book, her face was attacked by ravens and she was laughing. Weird.

I just finished a new series called The End of the F***ing World. It was weird as well but very entertaining. I even shed a few tears on a couple of episodes. I love weird characters. They’re very interesting to watch and they make you think a lot. I feel like painting Alyssa. The girl protagonist. So the series is about an angsty teenage girl (Alyssa) who has this idea of potentially falling in love with this another weird kid in school after saying to his face that he’s a shitty skater (an odd way to start a relationship). And a psychopathic teenage boy who wants to upgrade from killing animals to killing people. And his first target? Alyssa. Twisted, I know. A romantic black comedy. I love it.

I started having diet meals delivered to me again. One, because I want to eat healthy. And two, because I’m lazy. It’s quite expensive but it’s healthy, delicious, and worry-free.

My head hurts. I got super annoyed earlier then I felt pain at the back of my head. I need to be more insensitive.

Days ago, I figured something about myself that I do not like. It’s either I think too far ahead or I dwell too much in the past. It’s like I’m forgetting to live in the present which makes me out of focus. I want to change that.

My head is hurting a bit more now. Bye.


I drew Alyssa but it doesn’t look like her. 


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