Art Money

Etsy Ads Suck

A couple of months ago, I started paying for Etsy ads. What it does is when a potential customer search for something that’s similar to what I offer, my listing will get prioritization and will be placed on the top search. I alloted $1 per day for these Etsy ads hoping to drive more sales ($1 a day is a lot for my small sticker shop). During these months of running ads, I barely make anything. Every sale I make goes to these ad payments and it’s not even driving more sales. There were times when I even owe them money because my sales weren’t compensating for the ad payments. So a few weeks ago, I stopped paying for the ads. Seeing my money disappear like that, having a negative balance on my payment dashboard, it was starting to get depressing.

I thought I would barely make any sale now that I stopped running ads, but I continued receiving orders! And I was receiving more orders compared to when I was still paying for those stupid ads! So happy! I setup Etsy to deposit my sales twice a month and it’s the first time in a long while that I will be receiving a two-digit net profit. Ugh finally. I hope I would reach three digits before the end of the month.


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