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Happy Things #12

Top Secret

It happened Oct 16, 2022. It was a Sunday. And it’s one of the most (if not the most) memorable and meaningful experiences of my life. I learned that I am capable of loving more deeply and that I have a lot of love to give—to others and to myself. I had a glimpse of a different version of myself. More loving, more curious, in awe of everything, more patient and relaxed. I just hope that I will be able to cultivate that experience—that feeling—and bring it with me in my everyday life.

Excerpt from a private entry I wrote that day:

“Ang bilis rin mag-switch nung laughing and crying phase pero inside, love and happiness yung nafi-feel ko. Natatawa ako pag nababano ako or may nakikita akong patterns, tapos maiiyak ako pag maiisip ko yung love ko sa mga taong importante sakin.

I am happy and thankful sa na-experience ko today kahit glimpse lang sya nung full potential. Nangingibabaw lang talaga ngayon yung love at happiness at yung gratitude. This is one of the best moments of my life. I wish this for everyone.”

Kayo na ang bahalang magisip kung anong nangyari.

This Drawing

I wouldn’t think of drawing this before bacause there were too many mushrooms and I will find it very repetitive and boring. The thing I don’t like about me when I draw is I’m impatient. I’m aware that it takes a lot of time but I want to see the final result immediately. It’s hard for me to stop when I’m not seeing the finale image I’m picturing inside my head (guess that’s why I injured my wrist and arm).

But when I looked at it that day (Oct 17), I was very receptive and calm. I thought it would be relaxing to draw each and every mushroom cap and its stem. I never think like that before. I usually like variety and randomness. Guess I still have hangover from the day before.

Also I’m drawing more frequently lately 🤍


I sent my friend lactation cookies. I can’t bake for her so I searched for lactation cookie sellers in the UK and found a shop with high reviews. Super happy that it helped with her milk supply 🤍

Journaling Paraphernalia

I can’t stop! Also got a new sketchbook 😊

‘One Photo a Day’ Project

This started with the ‘Day One’ app and it was supposed to be purely digital. But when I saw this monthly planner, I thought it would be fun to have the daily photos printed and keep them in this notebook. I’m picturing myself having these little notebooks in the future representing each year. Cute 😍

September 2022

Podcasts + New Music



These two songs are on repeat since yesterday.


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