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2022 Game Plan

Time to collect my thoughts and make a 2022 game plan. But first:


The year that I…

Explored A LOT of hobbies. Kaya naman little success lang ang na-achieve ko in terms of mastering a skill.

Aside from exploring hobbies, we also explored new places here in Manitoba.

This is also the year that I got serious about investing and finances in general.

What worked?

Nakapag-establish ako ng magandang reading habits nung first few months. Medyo nag-falter lang nung huli because I got distracted.

Also, the way I handled FOMO during the holidays got way better.

What didn’t work?

My budgeting strategy. Yes nalagpasan namin yung investing goal namin pero lagi na lang hindi nasusunod yung budget kasi ang dalas pa rin namin magpa-deliver ng food.

I also failed to grow my sticker shop because of the Cricut machine that I’m using. Ang daming defective na sticker prints. Basta ang daming problema na nakakaaksaya ng oras. But aside from the Cricut machine, it’s also because of me. I’m aware that I didn’t put enough effort for it to be more successful.

I learned…

A lot about myself. I did a lot of introspection this year. Reading a lot of self development books also contributed to that. I’ve been blogging for more than 10 years now so I have always been self aware pero ang dami ko pa ring natututunan tungkol sa sarili ko.

Aside from that, I gained a better understanding of how the economy and cryptocurrency works.

Another thing that I learned is how to have a better relationship with social media.

Lastly, I became more aware of my position in people’s lives.

I’m grateful for…

The things I mentioned in my 2021 highlights and my personal growth. The clear sign that I became more mature was during those times when I’m talking to my older brother and I’m the one who’s giving him advice 😄



Be physically stronger and more focused

At the end of 2022…

I will have better habits. Better reading habits, healthy eating habits, spending habits.

I would like to let go of…

This mindset of proving that I can do anything. To stop spreading myself too thin. Before starting anything, try to think things through first to avoid wasting resources, time and energy.

I would also like to let go of my negative assumptions.



  • Cook more vegan meals and when eating out, try to choose the vegan/vegetarian option.
  • Go back to doing meditation and yoga every morning. Doesn’t have to be long. Start with 10 minutes.
  • Be more active by doing any type of physical activity 3x a week for 20-30 mins.
  • Be consistent with my gratitude journal


  • Invest $5,000
  • Get pre-approved for a home loan
  • Continue to set a monthly budget for donations to organizations that help animals, children and people in need
  • The Apple Watch is the only gadget that I will purchase this year
  • Maybe outsource the production of stickers for efficiency


  • Choose 2-3 skills that I want to focus on. I choose:
    – illustration
    – learning a new language (French or Korean, still undecided)
    – piano
  • Read 30 books and write a review for each one.
  • Spend some time at the nearby library
  • Apply for Canadian citizenship
  • Visit PH (please make this happen universe)
  • Organize our office space
  • Continue to explore Manitoba
  • Continue managing the book club for however long the members want it to exist
  • Nurture relationships. Become a better wife, daughter, fur mom, sister, granddaughter, cousin, friend, etc.

* Prompts from Lavendaire


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