Books Insights

15 Life Lessons From the Books I Read in 2020

  1. Maintain a strong morning habit. Don’t check your phone the moment you wake up. Take it slow. [Digital Minimalism + Atomic Habits]
  2. Always remind yourself of what and who you value. What are the things that are truly important and bring you happiness? Whose opinions really matter? If it involves people you really don’t care about, let the fuck go. [Digital Minimalism]
  3. Be more intentional in what you consume. What you eat, watch, listen to, read, etc. [Digital Minimalism + Amusing Ourselves to Death]
  4. Engage less in gossip. Instead of assumptions and judgments, let your words be filled with truth and kindness, especially when you’re talking to yourself. [The Four Agreements]
  5. Identify yourself as the type of person you aspire to be. No labeling yourself as “procrastinator” or “bad with directions” or “pessimistic”. Our identities are not set in stone, thus, we can always edit our identities to improve. Cast your votes for the type of person you wish to become. [Atomic Habits]
  6. Instead of seeking wealth, social status and pleasure, focus on building your character. [A Guide to the Good Life]
  7. Doing nothing doesn’t always mean boring. You don’t have to fill every second of your life with something. Practice regular doses of solitude and it will help you process your thoughts and regulate your emotions. [Digital Minimalism]
  8. Optimize your environment to promote good habits and prevent bad habits. Make the good habits attractive, easy and rewarding. [Atomic Habits]
  9. Appreciate what you already have. Don’t fall into mindless consumerism. [A Guide to the Good Life]
  10. Don’t take anything personally (be forgiving, be more understanding) and don’t make assumptions (have the courage to ask how people really think or feel, give them a chance before suspecting the worst). [The Four Agreements]
  11. If you can’t control it, pay it no mind. It’s a waste of time and it’s stupid. [A Guide to the Good Life]
  12. Set internal goals. Instead of, “I want to achieve 1,000 sales before the end of the year.” change it to, “I will continue making great products and promote them whether through social media or paid advertising.” Internal goals are something we have complete control. Once you set these internal goals, do your best to achieve them. [A Guide to the Good Life + The Four Agreements]
  13. Donate. Be more helpful. [A Guide to the Good Life]
  14. Increase your attention span. Let the people from the 50’s who can endure 7 hours of oratory be your inspiration. [Amusing Ourselves to Death]
  15. Reading is the best. [Amusing Ourselves to Death]


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