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Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport | Book Review + Notes [Part 5: Extra Notes and Rating]

So tapos ko na yung book. Nalito pa ko kasi nakalagay dun sa Kindle 64% done pa lang ako tapos pag-flip ko ng page, Acknowledgements na. Super dami palang notes sa huli and references kaya akala medyo matagal ko pa matatapos.

Since madami na din akong nasabi about sa book na ‘to, meron pa kong mga extras na gustong idagdag na nabasa ko pa after kong matapos sulatin yung parts 1-4.

Nabanggit yung importance of solitude. I think kaya nya ‘to in-include kasi yung magta-try ng digital declutter, they could get bored and will find themselves reaching for their phones. And kaya may whole chapter about solitude is for us to realize siguro na sometimes, okay lang na walang gawin. Hindi mo kelangan i-fill yung every second of your life.

Regular doses of solitude, mixed in with our default mode of sociality, are necessary to flourish as a human being.

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

Nabanggit dito na solitude or being alone with your thoughts helps us regulate our emotions and process stuff. And medyo natawa and na-guilty din ako dito sa following quote:

It became common, especially among younger generations, to allow your iPod to provide a musical backdrop to your entire day—putting the earbuds in as you walk out the door and taking them off only when you couldn’t avoid having to talk to another human.

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

Natawa ako kasi dati nung college, super ganito ko. Na parang yung paglalakad ko and almost anything na ginagawa ko is may musical score 😂

May whole chapter din about the author convincing us not to engage in liking, commenting, and even chatting! We should initiate conversations instead. Call them or ask them to call you. Yes, mas madali and mabilis nga naman kung chat na lang or i-view na lang yung profiles nila to be updated. Pero the author argues that occasional calls provide richer human experience than constant liking or commenting. He also quoted this from a professor of social psychology:

My argument is not anti-technology, it’s pro-conversation.

Sherry Turkle

In-address din yung concern ko about this. Na pano kung yung social circle ko, preferred lang talaga nilang makipag-chat.

To be clear, conversation-centric communication requires sacrifices. If you adopt this philosophy, you’ll almost certainly reduce the number of people with whom you have an active relationship. Real conversation takes time, and the total number of people for which you can uphold this standard will be significantly less than the total number of people you can follow, retweet, “like,” and occasionally leave a comment for on social media, or ping with the occasional text.

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

Super gets. Conversations take more time and effort, pero dun mo nga malalaman kung sino bang willing magbigay ng time and effort to talk to you. And as explained in the book, conversation is the good stuff. It’s what we need as humans. Not instant messages or emojis or these other one-click approval features.

So ngayon, I’m trying to follow a schedule on when to use social media. Emphasis on the word trying kasi ayokong pangunahan pero so far, nagagawa ko naman sya.

My updated schedule. So far so good.

Once you no longer treat text interactions as an ongoing conversation that you must continually tend, it’s much easier to concentrate fully on the activity before you.

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

True. Gusto ko ‘to. And eto yung reassurance na gusto ko din marinig kasi my friends might get annoyed or they might find it inconvenient once magbago ako ng way of communicating. Pero I want to follow the author’s advice and I firmly believe sa stance nya.

Being less available over text, in other words, has a way of paradoxically strengthening your relationship even while making you (slightly) less available to those you care about. This point is crucial because many people fear that their relationships will suffer if they downgrade this form of lightweight connection. I want to reassure you that it will instead strengthen the relationships you care most about. You can be the one person in their life who actually talks to them on a regular basis, forming a deeper, more nuanced relationship than any number of exclamation points and bitmapped emojis can provide.

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

But some relationships are weaker so meron sigurong hindi makakaintindi. This is what the author has to say:

Finally, it’s worth noting that refusing to use social media icons, comments and instant messaging to interact means that some people will inevitably fall out of your social orbit—in particular, those whose relationship with you exists only over social media. Here’s my tough love reassurance: let them go.

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

Oof! But it goes both ways, they are letting me go as well if they find it hassle to talk to me. We. Will. See.

Kakantahan ko na lang sila ng, “Nobody said it was easyyyy. Oh it’s such a shame for us to paaart.”

RATING [4.5 🌟]

Super valuable nitong book sakin. If masustain ko ‘tong ginagawa ko ngayon, life changing talaga sya. Pero kaya hindi perfect 5 stars kasi it coud’ve been shorter. Ang dragging nung last part. Parang kahit alisin na yun. Yung first 1/4 of the book yung sobrang nagka-impact sakin. Yung mga pahuli, more on pinapalakas na lang nya yung case nya pero I could do away with it.

Less than 2 weeks pa lang so ayoko nga pangunahan. Pero so far eto yung improvement:

Eto yung before. Mas mataas pa dapat ‘to kasi nag-start na ko mag-digital declutter nung Thursday.
After. I hope ma-sustain talaga.

And I feel like this is one of my favorite quotes so hinuli ko sya.

Simply put, humans are not wired to be constantly wired.

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

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