no mama and tricia for 4 days

stuck with my 3 boys (kuya, kim & papa) for 4 days. mama and tricia will go to a 4-day singapore trip tomorrow together with my other relatives. so i’ll be the only girl around. for sure our house will be in for a lot of mess (smelly clothes, unwashed dishes and all that grossness). ooh good thing ate glo will be here. thank gregory house for that (gregory house is my god).

i think i’ll go to sleep now. i need to get up early tomorrow for our BLS training (spell boring).

expecting a tiresome day tomorrow. good thing emi will be there with me. see you later earth!

* time not accurate
* ‘thank gregory house’ is like saying ‘thank god’

* Copy pasted from my old blog. Forgive my jeje writing style.


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