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We must always try to picture the worst that could happen and then remind ourselves that the worst is survivable. The goal is not to imagine that bad things don’t unfold, it’s to see that we are far more capable of enduring than we currently think of.

The School Of Life, Why Stoicism Continues to Matter

And I thought about how, actually, if you wanted to, you could say the same thing about life. That life is terrifying and overwhelming and it can happen at any moment. And when you’re confronted with life you can either be cowardly or you can be brave, but either way you’re going to live. So might as well be brave.

Someone Who Will Love You in All Your Damaged Glory — Raphael Bob-Waksberg

Instead of assuming you’re behind, you can ask: “Where did I get the idea that I’m supposed to be following someone else’s timeline?”

Instead of assuming other people are better than you, you can ask: “Do I really believe any human is inherently better than another or am I just trying to find more ways to be hard on myself?”

Instead of assuming you can’t change, you can ask: “What if assuming I can’t change is one of the factors making it hard for me to change?”

Instead of assuming other people must feel a certain way about you, you can ask: “What would it be like to let other people have their own feelings instead of trying to assume I always know what those feelings are?”

— Lisa Olivera