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The Chicken Sisters by K.J. Dell’Antonia | Book Review


  • You think a family drama that revolves around two competing chicken restaurants is something you’d enjoy
  • You want to read about two sisters whose feud is deeper than serving the best fried chicken in town
  • You want something that’s a bit fun and sometimes heart warming (but eventually things will get out of hand)

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Two rival chicken restaurants. Two sisters who hate each other. Amanda is team Chicken Frannie’s and Mae is team Chicken Mimi’s. The feud will escalate when they compete in the popular TV show, ‘Food Wars’.

Ingredients: spilled family secrets, deliberate sabotage, and a $100,000 cash prize for the Food Wars winner.

Aside from being a Reese’s Book Club pick, I got attracted to the beautiful, bright yellow book cover and the title. And so I read the blurb and I find the premise really interesting. I think this book could be an entertaining movie or tv show.

I’m happy that I was able to consume this through an audiobook. Very well narrated. All the characters, even the minor ones, come to life and I can really feel the tension between the two chicken shacks. Plus it made me finish the book more quickly.


Unfortunately, I didn’t like the main characters, sisters Amanda and Mae. It was really a delight at first and I would’ve given it 4 stars if not for the excessive and sometimes cruel fights between the two.

Nung start, I thought Amanda was the reasonable, likeable one. But then she revealed to a stranger that her sister Mae was a former stripper! Nung una medyo forgiveable pa eh kasi baka hindi nya lang talaga sinasadya. Pero nung sinabotage nya yung chicken order ng nanay nya, grabe. Super naawa ako kay Mamshie Barbara. And Mae, she was unlikeable through and through. Personally, they didn’t redeem their characters in the end. They were so cruel to each other and to their mother. I cannot move on from those scenes kahit they lived happily ever after nung huli.

I was really intrigued when they were trying to solve the mystery of the same tasting fried chicken. I think eto yung favorite part ko. I loved it when they uncovered this piece of family history—the answer to end this long time chicken war.


Barbara – It’s a pity na for the longest time, hindi magkasundo yung dalwang anak nyang babae. Super naawa rin ako sa kanya nung binash sya nung mga tao about sa puppies. However, parang napasobra naman kasi sya sa pagtakwil nya kay Amanda.

Andy – Good luck sa dark side ni Amanda

Jay – The pinaka-loser. I can’t imagine how he can tolerate someone so selfish and pretentious like Mae.

My Goodreads progress notes

RATING [3.5 🌟]

Up until 60% nag-eenjoy naman ako. May mga minor things pero overall naaaliw ako sa pagbabasa. Pero dumating yung point na sobrang out of hand na nung mga nangyayari. Feeling ko sinadya sya nung author para ma-captivate nya ulit yung readers na mag-continue kasi ang haba na masyado. Ang unnecessary lang kasi biglang ang WTF nung mga pangyayari.

So for the most part, enjoy naman. Pero ang glaring lang talaga for me nung mga ginawa ni Amanda at yung overall personality ni Mae kaya minus 1.5 stars.

And natatawa pala ko dun sa mga nagsasabing ang predicatable daw nung ending. Eh malamang. Did they really expect na until the end magkaaway pa rin yung magkapatid??

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